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How does DCom Solutions work with clients?

DCom Solutions is an enterprise application development firm based in Chennai, India. We specialize in building scalable, robust, and extensible enterprise applications on the Microsoft platform.

The attention we pay to comprehensive planning and project management results in the highest-possible quality product. Though every project is unique, and the steps we take with each client vary with their specific needs, this is our general process:
  1. A potential client informs us of their project requirements -- usually through the form we have on our Contact page.
  2. We inform them within 24 hours whether or not we can accept the project at that time. This is a determination we make based on the project and our own capabilities at the time.
  3. If we can accept the project, we provide the potential client with an estimated cost, and estimated time of delivery.
  4. Once a general price and timeframe is agreed upon, we prepare a detailed delivery schedule for the project. This defines clear deliverables leading up to a functional application.
  5. After this is done, DCom Solutions sets a clear schedule for deliverables and payments. We also would probably require an advanced payment at this time.
  6. Once both the work and payment schedules are finalized, the project proceeds -- we start working on the first deliverable, and you start experiencing exactly what you expected!
Note: Because DCom Solutions provides much of our value helping clients decide on the architecture and design of their enterprise applications, we prefer clients start with us from the beginning of the process. If you want coders or developers to just pump out code, we probably would not be interested

How can I start working with DCom Solutions?

If you'd like to work with DCom Solutions -- and you'd like to start this process of working with us -- please begin by filling out a Free Estimate form on our Contact page. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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