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What Is DCom Solutions?

DCom Solutions, named for the art of Distributed Computing, is an enterprise application development firm based in Chennai, India. We specialize in building enterprise applications on the Microsoft platform.

Why Work with DCom Solutions?

DCom Solutions provides unparalleled tailor-made software solutions to our clients. We leverage our experience with our own enterprise application -- yKAP to deliver custom software that works. Our many satisfied clients is proof of our attention to your needs.

We are a team of thoroughbred software professionals, among the most experienced and skilled in the world. Our architects are not only tech-savvy, but also posses the business sense and ability to make quick decisions on what will and what won't work for you.

DCom Solutions delivers innovative and customized enterprise applications to all of our clients. Our architects turn your software ideas into works of art!
DCom Solutions puts unparalleled focus on architecture design and project management, ensuring you get a custom tailor-made product in every circumstance.